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Meet the authors and see what people are saying about Freeing the Butterfly...

Josie Myers

Josie is a compassionate healer and a beauty expert, blending the spiritual with the physical to inspire and empower women. As a certified Reiki Master, Josie has dedicated herself to the practice of energy healing, guiding her clients to find balance, healing, and inner peace. Through her work, she has helped countless individuals unlock their potential and navigate through life changes with grace and confidence. In addition to her healing practice, Josie is a professional makeup artist. She believes in the transformative power of beauty and sees makeup as a tool for enhancing one's natural beauty rather than masking it. Josie was featured in Beautica Magazine September 2023 for her work in makeup artistry and costuming. Her mission is to help women feel confident and radiant both inside and out.

Michelle Cornish

Michelle is an author, illustrator, and freelance writer. Just a few short years ago, she was a successful accountant stressed to the max, longing to spend more time with her family. Working with the tools in Freeing the Butterfly helped her rediscover her passion for life.

“I absolutely adore this beautiful book. It’s part self-care manual, part guide to healing, part journal, and it is so gorgeous. I’m the kind of person who is really nit-picky about design and aesthetic appearance of books. There is nothing that makes me happier than a beautiful book. Freeing the Butterfly definitely satisfied my longing for elegance and sophisticated simplicity. Love, love, love it.”

Lauren Sapala

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