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The Best Oracle Card Spreads for Beginners

Here at Freeing the Butterfly we love oracle cards! 

Read last month’s post for an introduction to oracle cards and how you can use them. When you first start using oracle cards, it can be a bit daunting. Are you doing it right? Are you getting the right messages? 

The answer to both these questions is YES! There’s no right or wrong way to use oracle cards which is just one of the things that’s so great about them. We include them in the Chapter 6 of Freeing the Butterfly, “Finding What Works for You,” because they’re a great tool for learning more about yourself.

We’ve put together a list of what we think are the best oracle card spreads for beginners. 

Three Card Readings

Three card readings are some of the most popular oracle card readings, and a great place to start, because you can customize them for whatever you’re working on. To start a reading many people will knock on their deck (usually three times) to wake it up, then shuffle the cards. 

You can ask your deck a question before shuffling or during, whichever feels the most comfortable for you. Open ended questions are best unless you have a deck that will address yes/no questions. It’s generally better to ask, “What do I need to know about xyz?” rather than “Should I do xyz?”

If a card falls out while you’re shuffling, that’s the answer to your question. If a card doesn’t fall out, it doesn’t mean the Universe doesn’t have an answer. Shuffle until you feel like you're done then take the card from the top or cut the deck and then take a card. Use your intuition and remember, there’s no wrong way to do it!

Here are some examples of popular three card readings:

Past, Present, Future

Card 1: What do I need to know about my past?

Card 2: What can you tell me about my present?

Card 3: What do I need to know about my future?

Weekly Reading

Card 1: What will the energy be like at the beginning of the week?

Card 2: What will the energy be like in the middle of the week?

Card 3: What will the energy be like at the end of the week?

If you have a business or are setting goals, you could alter this one to say something like, “What should I work on at the beginning of the week?” and so on.

Love Reading

Card 1: What do I need to know about myself ?

Card 2: What do I need to know about the other person?

Card 3: What do I need to know about the relationship?

Decision Making

Card 1: What would things look like if I chose option one?

Card 2: What would things look like if I chose option two?

Card 3: What else do I need to know to make a decision?

Here are more three card spreads for you to check out from Labrinthos. Don’t worry that the article talks about Tarot cards. You can use the same spreads for Tarot and oracle cards. You can also make up your own three card spreads. 

Best Oracle Card Spreads for Beginners

Daily Draw

If the three card spreads feel a bit overwhelming, that’s normal when you’re getting started with oracle cards. A great way to get to know your deck is a daily card draw. Simply choose a card each day and contemplate the message. 

You can also keep an oracle card journal where you make a note of your daily card and what message you received. This can help you discover weekly or monthly energy patterns. It can be really fun to see what cards keep showing themselves.

A Tarot or oracle card journal can be helpful for recording your three card spreads too. It’s nice to look back on the questions you asked and the conclusions you arrived at based on your oracle cards. If you’re unsure of the messages the cards are giving you, journaling about them can help with that too.

Another fun way to learn about oracle cards is through oracle card parties. Oracle card parties are done online from the comfort of your own home. It’s a great way to have some fun with your friends while getting answers from the Universe about important questions. 

Check out the Freeing the Butterfly oracle cards! The deck is easy to use and contains affirmations from the book as well as some additional cards to help you live your happiest life.